About Massage...



Massage therapy is not just a luxury, it helps you relax, realign and rejuvenate and can be a key piece of your health & wellness plan. Regularly scheduled self-care plays an important part in how healthy you’ll be and how vital you will remain with each passing year.

Many scientific studies have confirmed the real health benefits of massage, confirming that just one session can decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol and boost the immune system. Other proven health benefits include relief of muscle tension, increased flexibility, faster post-injury or post-operative rehabilitation and improved sleep. 

Massage can be an effective and important part of a healthy lifestyle and I would love to make that opportunity available to as many people as possible.


Health benefits from receiving massage therapy on a regular basis:

• Relieves stress and promotes relaxation

• Improves posture

• Improves circulation

• Lowers blood pressure

• Helps manage chronic pain

• Relaxes muscle tension

• Improves flexibility & range of motion

• Relieves tension related headaches

• Strengthens the immune system

• Enhances Post-Operative Rehabilitation

• Improves Rehabilitation After Injury


The boring stuff...

These services are offered to females only.  Mobile service (excluding hot stones), remedial massage and other days can be offered by pre-arrangement only.
Services are scheduled by appointment only. To accommodate today’s busy lifestyle I do often have same day appointments available. However, to ensure that I can able to accommodate your preferred appointment times, I ask that you schedule with as much advance notice as possible. 
I am not able to accept appointments for children under the age of 16 years, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.  Children under the age of 18 require a parent or adult guardian signed waiver and/or accompaniment by a parent or adult guardian for services.  Online bookings cannot be made by or for any person under 18 years of age.  Please contact me for further information.
24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule an appointment. If you fail to provide 24 hours notice or do not show for your appointment I reserve the right to charge a fee to cover my time that could have been otherwise used for the benefit of other clients.

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