In-Office Chair Massage


* Attendance fee -

   1 therapist $85

   2 therapist $140

* $1 per massage minute

* Requires 5 min break every   hour 

* Minimum 2 hour attendance


(Eg. 1 Therapist for 10 min treatment for 10 clients (5 clients per hour) at workplace = $85 + $100

Chair massage is best suited for sessions of 10-20 minutes. This allows for a comprehensive treatment of the back, shoulders, neck, head and arms on an ergonomic chair. By positioning the chair in a separate room this style of massage enhances the ability to detach from the office stressors - freeing the employee to relax more fully.   The longer chair massages can help increase mental clarity and heighten a good disposition.

With a chair massage, the person will stay fully clothed and the therapist uses specific techniques that don’t require oil. 


Mini Table Massage Session


* Attendance fee -

   1 therapist $100

   2 therapist $170

* $1.30 per massage minute

* Minimum 3 hour attendance


(Eg. 1 Therapist for 30 min treatment for 5 clients (2 clients per hour + prep time) at workplace = $100 + $195

This is the deluxe version of workplace massage. We will bring the massage table, towels, creams, music etc. Your employee is now ready to indulge in 30 - 45 minutes of peacefulness.  This therapy usually takes place in a separate room, where the stressors of the day can be totally forgotten.


And remember - Massage vouchers are extremely popular as a gift idea, i.e. staff reward, birthday present, wedding gift, new parents, etc.


Top Tips for Workplace and Event Massage

Chair and mini table massages are suited to special events aswell!  Spoil your guests with a relaxing treatment for a time they'll never forget

Great tips for getting the most out of seated massage at your workplace

  1. Location. Holding the massages in a meeting room or quiet place ensures that each employee gets time out without any interruptions. This optimises the therapeutic experience and ensures employees come out of the massage feeling more productive.

  2. Communication. Communicate openly about how strong you’d like your massage pressure. Would you prefer strong, medium or gentle? As a guideline the pressure of the massage should be firm yet comfortable. If it feels like “good pain”, that’s fine as your muscles will be responding to the increase in circulation. Let your massage therapist know if you’d like them to adjust the pressure being applied. It’s your massage so we want you to get the most out of it.

  3. Health concerns. Let the massage therapist know if you have any health concerns, e.g. a shoulder injury, or would like to focus on a specific area of your body. Our massage therapists are professionals dedicated to tailoring a session that will help relieve your discomfort.

  4. Relax! We encourage minimal talking during the massage. This can be a wonderful opportunity to close your eyes, relax, and observe how your body feels in the present moment. However, some people find chatting helps them unwind, in which case our massage therapists are happy to oblige.

  5. Stay hydrated. After the massage, make sure you keep hydrated. Working on your muscles gets fluid pumping out of the soft tissue and into your circulatory system, where it heads toward your kidneys. You need to replenish all that lost water after the massage. Drink a glass of water or have some herbal tea.