Covid-19 Screening and Information

As a health care practitioner I care for the health of my clients as well as my own.

COVID-19 is primarily spread between people when we directly touch or breath the air of someone who is already infected, or through touching a surface that has been recently infected

Hygiene and infection control is actually part of a massage therapist’s training because of the nature of our work.

So I wanted to share with you the precautions I am taking here in my treatment room.

Things I always do to be clean and sanitary:

· I use fresh linen for each client (as always)

· I wash my hands thoroughly with disinfectant before each client (as always)

· My treatment environment is clean and sanitary (as always)

· Bathrooms and shared spaces are regularly cleaned and disinfected (as always)

· Clients are asked not to attend if they are sick (as always)

At the moment I am also adding the precautions of:

· I ask clients not to attend if they have recently traveled or have been in contact with any confirmed cases

· I provide sanitising hand wash for each client on entering and leaving the room

· I am using an approved disinfectant wash on commonly touched surfaces before each client

Given the recent government clarification showing that remedial massage is allowed to be practiced here – I am continuing to provide the usual care and

support for all my clients with extra safety precautions and restrictions in place.

As the situation unfolds and we learn more, I will continue to follow the advice from the authorities.

Please get in touch (0437 657 050) if you have any questions or wish to book an appointment.

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