What are Trigger Points and what is Trigger Point ​Therapy?

Have you ever felt those prolonged aches and pains that no amount of stretching, pushing, prodding, kneading or use of heat packs ever seems to relieve? Or felt pain or even a constant burning itch in places that you just quite can't get too? It could quite well be what we call a Myofascial (soft tissue) Trigger Point.

A trigger point occurs when continuous contraction in the muscle fibre causes an interruption to blood flow, oxygen supply and toxin elimination from the muscle tissue. When this happens a trigger point becomes “active”, sending out pain signals in an attempt to lessen the use of the muscle. Then it just gets worse, because when the muscle becomes less active for this reason, it actually begins to shorten and tighten increasing the severity of the pain.

A trigger point even in the tiniest muscle can be crippling. They can often (but not always) be found around the edges of bony structures, feeling like a small pea shape nodule or hard band of muscle. One of the most interesting features of a trigger point is the referral of pain to other sites on the body.

X marks the Trigger Point, Red marks pain referral

One of the most effective methods for treating muscular aches and pains is Trigger Point Therapy, which I include in my Deep Tissue and Remedial treatments.

This method of myofascial release is increasingly taught as a massage technique because of its effectiveness in treating long and short term muscle pain, weakness, numbness or immobilisation.

Repetitive strain, over exertion, accidental falls or sudden wrenching movements, sitting too long  in the one posture etc., all set the stage for trigger points to develop causing the onset of pain, stiffness and soreness in muscles. It is my aim to then determine the true source of the pain and work to release it.

While the treatments itself can involve some short term pain, the relief felt can be just like one of those "Aha" moments, when you wondered why you had let the pain carry on for so long. Trigger point therapy can bring lasting results, and can also be done as a form of self applied massage for pain relief.

If you have been feeling those stubborn pains and never realised it could be treated this way, give me a call on 0437 657 050 and we'll get those pesky points sorted! I'll also be posting regular trigger point problem areas on Face Book so keep an eye out there too!

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