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Pregnancy comes with its fair share of aches and pains and a massage is a great way to find relief and to relax.

But is massage during pregnancy safe? Are there certain techniques that aren’t recommended? And just what are the benefits of pregnancy massage anyway?

Pregnancy massage – tips, risks and benefits

What are the benefits of a massage during pregnancy?

Your feet are swollen, your lower back is aching and your legs are tired. It is no wonder that many pregnant women would like to have a massage during their pregnancy.

Pregnancy massage is pretty much the same as a regular massage – it aims to relax the muscles, reduce pain, increase circulation and improve your wellbeing. But being a trained pregnancy massage practitioner, I will also tailor the massage to focus on those pregnancy-specific needs and complaints.

A pregnancy massage may:

  • help reduce back and leg pain

  • help improve mood and emotional wellbeing

  • help decrease feelings of depression and anxiety

  • help improve sleep

Is massage safe in pregnancy?

It is a good idea to chat to your doctor or midwife before you book a pregnancy massage. They will know your medical history and will be able to give you advice based on your circumstances. Once you’ve got the go ahead from your health care provider contact me to book in on 0437 657 050. Don’t be afraid to ask about my qualifications or training.

You may have heard that some therapists recommend waiting until the end of your first trimester before having a pregnancy massage. This is usually just a precaution because the risk of miscarriage is higher in the first trimester. There is no proven link between massage and miscarriage.

You should avoid massages in pregnancy if you have a high-risk pregnancy, high blood pressure, preeclampsia, a history of preterm birth, or sudden swelling. Always talk to your health care professional first.

How is pregnancy massage different?

The most obvious difference between a regular massage and pregnancy massage is your positioning. For obvious reasons pregnant women – especially as they progress through the trimesters – can’t lie face down. The favoured position for a pregnancy massage is lying on your side, or some therapist use a specially designed pillow to allow for some face-down time.

Before you book a pregnancy massage you can discuss with me what position you would prefer. While I have a number of massage oil options, it is safest to ask for a unscented massage oil or coconut oil as some essential oils aren’t recommended for use during pregnancy.

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